How Beautiful Are You Really?

There are many, many people in this world. When you walk down the street, you probably see a handful that strike you as gorgeous. But are they really beautiful, fully-through? And are the uglier folks gorgeous on the inside?

Are you truly beautiful? Well, in mere minutes you will have an accurate evaluation of your overall character. Cute, Ugly, Plain, Stunning, Quirky, Smart, Depressed, Friendly, Hateful, Unlovable, Desperate...whatever you have decided you are, you could be wrong! Good luck!

Created by: Marilyn Spears
  1. Describe your personality in three words:
  2. Describe Your Eyes
  3. A small child is running around the mall, teary-eyed and lost. You...
  4. How is your hair?
  5. You get a D on a test and your parents ground you, preventing you from going to the biggest party of the year! How do you react.
  6. Describe Your Complexion.
  7. A girl that dresses inexpensively and has been discovered to receive free school lunch is being taunted for her family's socioeconomic status. You...
  8. What's the nicest compliment that you've ever received?
  9. Describe The Stereotype Under Which You Fall:
  10. Almost Done. Now quickly evaluate the test that you have just taken.

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Quiz topic: How Beautiful am I Really?