Beautiful Love part six

I'm sorry I took so long . . . but I hope you like this one! I added an odd occurrence that will hopefully give some foreshadowing! But you'll have to take the quiz to find out!

The guys are: Brian, the sweet mysterious guy. He is tall and a bit emo. His hair is black, covers one eye, and spikes up in the back. His eyes are an ice cold blue, and he is toned well in the muscles. Chris, the shy guy joker. He is your height with green eyes. His hair is short and brown. He loves animals and is lean. Anthony, the bad boy protective type. He is a bit taller than you, and a biker. He owns a black motorcycle and has dirty blond flippy hair. He has violet eyes, and can get a bit rude. He is obviously the brawn! Tristan, the down to earth kind of guy. He's basically a tower compared to you, and he loves to boat. He has bleach blond hair with black eyes, which turn gold! He's sweet and takes care of everything!

Created by: Flip Flops

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  1. The dinner you had was silent . . . but you could notice that every now and then Chris would look at you really hopeful. Afterwords you just hung out in your bed and fell asleep.
  2. You wake up the next morning ready to go and meet with Brian. You go get dressed and go get breakfast. What did you decide to wear?
  3. Once you get into the kitchen, Tristan was nowhere to be found. Everyone's breakfast was just laying out for everyone. Chris comes in, and you ask him where Tristan is. "I don't know, maybe Brian will know, you should ask him." "Who's talking about me?" Brian walks in and laughs. He looks at you and says, "You ready _______? We have to get started soon, otherwise we won't finish." You nod and finish your drink and start after him.
  4. He leads you out of the house and into a few trees in the back. He looks at you and asks, "Guess what we're doing." "No clue whatsoever!" "I'm going to teach how to escape as if you got out with Chris's techniques." All morning he teaches you dodges and how to run in different terrains. With this being athletic, you take a noon break.
  5. You ask him, "So what's your story?" He looks at you really confused. "Well Chris told me his . . ." He suddenly smiles, "Did he now?" You nod. "Well let me tell you this, he has only told me besides you, you better not tell anyone else about it or he'll break down entirely." You nod really fast. He laughs again, "All right, maybe I'll tell."
  6. You smile your best smile at him, waiting for him to open up. He chuckles, "Well, it started before the war. I was involved with drugs and crime. My parents found out and found out that I was in charge of it all. They were furious and worried at the same time. They sent me into rehab, which didn't work at all . . . you see I have a strong sense of rebellion. Which really wasn't good for my healing."
  7. "I got involved with a huge crime in Vegas. Which we pulled it of miraculously. But we were caught when we got cocky in the next state. We went to court and ended up in juvy. After that I had to do a lot of community service. I had to work at the bird rescue facility. I actually really liked to take care of the birds after a while. I know this is stupid, but I got really attached to this one bird that was a Stellars Jay. It finally came to the day where I had to release him. I did, but he just flew back and sat on my shoulder, that was the best feeling I had ever had yet in my life. But, nearby a nuclear bomb exploded and the fumes washed over us. When the pain subsided, I had wings that was similar to his."
  8. He sighs, and then he widens his eyes and says, "Crap . . . I'll be back in a minute." He grew his wings and then really fast he took off and was gone. You look after him confused and you decide to just lie down and wait. A while later he came back. "Where were you? That was kinda rude!" You glare at him. "I'm sorry!" He says and avoids the question. You shake your head and said that you guys should get back to training. He nods and you continue. You learn how to hide and do some endurence running. You also learn how to escape underwater.
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