Beatles at the Movies

The history of The Beatles seems almost limitless. From their songs, to their sound, to their influence... the list goes on and on. The Beatles also dabbled in the film arts.

Are you a true "Beatlemaniac" when it comes to these movies? Or maybe you're just a mere "fan"? Would you describe yourself as "born in the wrong generation". Or maybe your just a pretentious hipster? Maybe "it's all in the mind".

Created by: Jillian
  1. How many OFFICIAL Beatles movies were there? (Movies the Beatles or their producer were directly involved with when they were still a band.)
  2. What were these movies in the order that they were made?
  3. Which of the two movies were directed by Dick Lester?
  4. What is the plot of the "Help!" movie?
  5. How was the film "Magical Mystery Tour" generally received?
  6. What studio was "Let it Be" filmed at?
  7. Which actor of "Steptoe and Son" appeared co-starred with The Beatles in "A Hard Day's Night"?
  8. Which movie did George Harrison meet his future wife Pattie Boyd and what was her role?
  9. In the film "The Beatles: The First U.S. Visit", what show are The Beatles preparing to take place on?
  10. Which "Fifth Beatle" DOES NOT appear in "Let it Be"?
  11. All of these are monsters working for the Blue Meanies in the film "Yellow Submarine", except for:
  12. Who is the "Fifth Wizard" in the film "Magical Mystery Tour"?
  13. What song is playing in the background to the famous "field scene" in "A Hard Day's Night"?
  14. Directly after that scene, The Beatles are informed that they are on private property. What is George's response to the land owner?
  15. When the Beatles are shrunken to there childhood selves in "Yellow Submarine", what does the tearful Ringo cry for?
  16. In the film "The Beatles: The First U.S. Visit", George is almost unable to preform because:
  17. What British comedian appeared in deleted footage for "Let it Be"?
  18. The movie "Help!" was filmed in all of these locations except:
  19. Which of these quotes is NOT from "A Hard Day's Night"?
  20. What was the last quote in the last Beatles movie, and who said it?

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