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Do you like The Beatles? If so, Take this Beatles Lyrics Quiz and See how much you know about The Beatles' songs and see if you can get a 100% on it. Good Luck. :D

I Know A LOT about the Beatles and I know all these songs. See if you can beat me in my OWN Quiz and see if you can get 100% on my Quiz. Good Luck!!!

Created by: Poly66

  1. "A man without terrors from beard to false As the headmaster reported to my son He really can try, as they do, to find function... "
  2. "Protected by a silver spoon. But now she sucks her thumb and wanders."
  3. "I'm gonna tell Aunt Mary 'bout Uncle John he said he had the misery but he got a lot of fun"
  4. "You came to me one summernight, and from your beam you made my dream, And from the world you sent my girl, and from above you sent us love"
  5. "Well, I told you, big, fat bulldog, You better leave her alone."
  6. "Nothing can come between us. When it gets dark I tow your heart away."
  7. "Love is old, love is new Love is all, love is you"
  8. "I get high when I see you go by My oh my. When you sigh, my, my insides just fly, Butterfly. Why am I so shy when I'm beside you?"
  9. "Come on you can do with baby, come on and join Los Paranoias. Just enjoy us."
  10. "When I'm walking beside her People tell me I'm lucky. Yes, I know I'm a lucky guy. I remember the first time"

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