How much of a Beatles fan are you?

Are you a true beatles fan? Can you continue the lyrics of the beatles collection, no matter what album is thrown at you. Do you have it in you to take on this beatles challange?

"Are you a beatles lyrical novice, intermediate, or a champian of all? Take the lyrical quize and find out how much you really listen to your beatles albums.

Created by: jillienne

  1. Finish the lyrics.... 'close your eyes and i'll kiss you.......
  2. Finish the lyrics.... he said i know you you know me
  3. Finish the lyrics.... don't wanna leave her now
  4. Finish the lyrics.... bang bang maxwell silverhandle
  5. Finish the lyrics.... believe me when i beg you dont ever leave me alone
  6. Finish the lyrics.... little darling
  7. Finish the lyrics....boy your gonna carry that weight
  8. Finish the lyrics.... hold me, love me,hold me, love me
  9. Finish the lyrics.... she would never be free while i was around
  10. Finish the lyrics.... ive just seen a face i cant forget

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Quiz topic: How much of a Beatles fan am I?