Do you know The Beatles?

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There are ofcourse numerous Beatles fans out there in the world that know quite a bit about the Fab Four and I want to see how many people out there are familiar with their history.

You think you know The Beatles? Take the quiz and find out. I cant exactly rate the difficulty because im not sure if this is easy or hard for people. But atleast try your best.

Created by: Paul

  1. Which Beatle made the infamous comment "The Beatles are more popular then Jesus"?
  2. Which of the following is an actual club that The Beatles performed in, in Hamburg?
  3. What year was George Harrison born in?
  4. What was John Lennon's middle name before he changed it to Ono?
  5. What was the date when The Beatles performed live at Shea Stadium in New York?
  6. What was the only Beatles LP to lose money for Capitol Records? (U.S. Album)
  7. What is Paul McCartney's first name?
  8. What was the last Beatles song recorded? (Before Anthology)
  9. What John Lennon song (solo career) was an attack on Paul McCartney?
  10. What song on the Rubber Soul LP was written by Ringo Starr?
  11. Who was The Beatles original drummer?
  12. Who played drums on the song "Back In The U.S.S.R."?
  13. Which Beatle wrote the song "Hey Jude"?
  14. What is the name of John Lennon's mother?
  15. How many Beatles albums are in the top 10 of the Rolling Stones top 500 albums of all-time list?
  16. How many times was George Harrison married?
  17. Who taught George Harrison how to play the sitar?
  18. Who attempted to kill George Harrison in 1999 by breaking into his house and stabbing him 7 times?
  19. What was Paul McCartney's second album released after he left The Beatles?
  20. What song was the first George Harrison song to ever be put on the A-Side of a single record?

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