Basic Banjo Knowledge Quiz

The banjo. Such a wonderful thing. I Really enjoy playing mine. You will enjoy this quiz as well. It's very interesting and will make you think.

Hope you enjoy this. The good old banjo. Many folks really hate them But I Really like them. Maybe you do too. Who knows. Maybe you do. Hopefully.

Created by: banjoman1986

  1. How many strings does a bluegrass banjo have?
  2. Who is the most famous banjo player in history?
  3. Which of these woods is most desirable for banjo construction?
  4. Which is closest to standard scale length for a banjo?
  5. Which of these companies DOES NOT currently make banjos?
  6. Which material makes the best tone ring?
  7. What is standard tuning on a banjo?
  8. What is a resonator?
  9. Which of the following is NOT an accomplished banjo player?
  10. The banjo originated in Brazil.
  11. How many strings does an Irish tenor banjo have?

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