back to the basics, horse quiz!

himy name is mikaylee and i hope you liked my quiz, i love horses and found that most of the other quizzes i've taken were kinda hard so i created one for people who don't know much about horses

i love horses and i hope now you've learnt a bt about horses and what they are used for and a bit about there beauty tack grooming, care and many many other things!!!!!

Created by: mikaylee boutin

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  1. when you lead a horse, witch side do you lead him from?
  2. when a farrier comes, he checks and fixes your horses ------
  3. when do you use a halter?
  4. what is a girth used for?
  5. what color is a palomino,(yes i am canadian)
  6. What happens when a horse colics?
  7. Is it ok to put horses and cows together in the same pasture?
  8. how much water do horses normally drink in 1 day?
  9. What type of saddle is used on horses in old western movies?
  10. Is there a different between an english and western bridle?
  11. done! did you like this quiz?

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