Horse Basics: Breeds

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This is a quiz to find out if you know about horse breeds. Remember, this is only a basic quiz so if you get it all right it still dosent mean your the best. :P

So now, if you think you know the basics about horse breeds, go on and take my quiz. You will find out your result in just a few minutes except for if you can't read then you will do it forever.

Created by: HorsesRule437

  1. What breed has it's tail high up?
  2. What breed comes only in black?
  3. What breed is only in paint colours?
  4. What breed of these is the smallest?
  5. What breed of these is the largest?
  6. True or false: Shires are the largest horses.
  7. True or False: Apaloosas are the smallest breed.
  8. Is a haflinger a pony breed?
  9. Is a Shire a draft breed?
  10. Is a falabella a draft breed?

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