How Well Do You Know Your Horse?

This quiz tests the knowledge of you horse back riders out there. I hope you horse lovers enjoy any future experiences with your mounts and have lots of fun doing so!

Are you smart enough to pass my quiz? I hope you are, because it really isn't that hard. All horse breeds are amazing, and don't be offended, I am not putting down any breeds in this quiz.

Created by: DHKRdx25

  1. When your horse paces in his stall, tries to roll, looks at his belly, and kicks at his belly, this is a sign of:
  2. What is the most common breed in America?
  3. What is a great endurance horse breed?
  4. What is Black Beauty's mom's name?
  5. What are horses allergic to?
  6. Who is the biggest horse currently alive as of March 2011?
  7. Choose the correct definition of a horse color:
  8. What is a bridle?
  9. Horses DONT get along with
  10. The best beginner horse would be:
  11. This quiz is awesome

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know my Horse?