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  • I liked it hope you can get part 2 out. I also enjoyed the beginning but I think u should try to write more and not be to shy at writing alot; it's what gets us readers hooked on a good series :) but other than that this was a really great quiz and I betthis is going to be an amazing series. I'll keep my eye open for part 2 :D

  • I like the beginning, try to make it longer though. I feel it was to short. But other then that, great job! :)

  • I loved how it was full of tension and drama. Great Start i'll be reading your seires

  • first of all, THERE IS NO WAY U FORGOT YOUR NAME, second you left me hanging weirdly :)

  • I liked it :)

  • You had a really great beginning! Lots of detail! but then, it ended on the 6th question. You really should have at least 10 medium sized questions, or 15 short ones. Other than that great job! You've got me hooked =)


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