Attention! Click here if you have taken my quizzes please!

This quiz is for people who have taken my quizzes: Running From Life, and Running From Life ~pt.2~. I hope you liked both parts! If you didn't... I don't know what to say. Bye!

I have to write three paragraphs with out mentioning the one hundred-fifty characters, with out any gibberish, and with one hundred-fifty chaarecters. Why? I'm bored. Bye!

Created by: MeIsMe

  1. Ok, I have made two quizzes, three now, Running From Life, and Running From Life ~pt.2~.
  2. Um.. Have you liked my quizzes?
  3. Do you think that I should make a part three of Running From Life?
  4. Did you keep clicking 'I hate your quizzes'? Or: 'stupid quiz.'?
  5. Do you comment on my quizzes?
  6. Um.... I'm running out of questions.
  7. Who do you like in Running From Life(1&2)?
  8. Should I just start a new quiz series, or go on with Running From Life?
  9. Do you hate my quizzes?
  10. Bye!

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