Aspersion: The Curse

Welcome to my new series called Aspersion. I got this idea back when I was in 6th grade. This is something that I had already started writing. I am planning on finishing it this time. Ok so I messed up the title. The title is supposed to be Aspersion: In the Beginning not Aspersion: The Curse. Sorry 'bout that.

So before you begin, I will tell know that I might not get these out at a constant rate since my school starts on Monday August 12th and it's the 8th today. Hopefully you will be patient with me. So now I present my new series to you peeps. This is Aspersion.

Created by: Milkyway62

  1. ASPERSION PROLOGUE: "Cleopatra, are you listening to me?" I looked up from the papyrus scroll I had been reading."Yes Father." Father was a pharaoh and I was his daughter. He put a hand to his temples and sighed."If you are to be the wife of a pharaoh someday, then you should at least pay attention to your studies and spend less time reading your scrolls Cleo. Give it here." He extended his hand. I rolled up my scroll and stood up."But Father-" He held up his hand, his palm facing me."Cleopatra, hand it over." Angered I put my scroll in his hand."Now if you will excuse me, I have a war meeting to attend." And with that, he turned and headed to the war room. Filled with anger, I ran to my chambers and slammed the door. I flung myself on the bed and began to cry.'Why can't I be free to do what I wish?' I thought.'Why does it have to be this way?' I sat up and wiped off the tears from my face. Then I heard a voice."Cleo. You know it doesn't have to be this way. I can grant you what you wish for. To be free. How does that sound?" said the voice. It was male. I reached for the nearest object I could use as a weapon. I lookedj8 down at the ink bottle in my hand.'What good could this do?' Gathering courage I said,"Who are you?" To be honest, my voice sounded weak, frightened, and a little squeaky, quite like a mouse's. "The voice chuckled." You know who I am, but I'll give you a hint. I am the god of time and infinity." I tried to recall what I had learned about the gods in my studies. Then I remembered. "Huh." Even though I could not see him, I could feel him smile. And then he appeared. He was wearing a wool cloak and was crouching. In his hands he held two palms stems."In the flesh. Now about that offer what do you say? You could live in a world where you are free to make your own decisions. Where you are free. How does that sound to you?" Huh grinned. I hate to admit it, but his offer was tempting."So if I leave, what would happen here?" I asked. Huh sracthed his chin."Well I could always replace you with a clone. Nobody would be able to recognize the difference but I." "You would replace me with an exact replica of myself?" Huh nodded. I thought again about his offer. Then I thought about Mother and Father and Arisnoe and Ptolemy XIV and Ptolemy XIII. I would surely miss them. I would miss my favorite maid Hartya and my best friend Darza. But would they miss me? Surely not, Not with the replica. I looked at Huh. I nodded."Yes." He clapped his hands "Splendid. There is one thing you should know though. I will give you three moons to decide where you will stay. Here or there. If the time is up and you have not decided, you will be erased from history. You will be nothing but ashes. You will become an eternal slave of Set. However, if you are not up for becoming an eternal slave, you will marry me. But who am I to tell you what to do. It's your decision. If you do happen to decide, I will simply transport you back here or you will remain there. Do you agree to these terms Cleopatra VI of Egypt?" His face was one of seriousness now. I bit my lip. Before I could stop myself, I nodded."I do Almighty Huh." Huh's smile returned."Well then. I shan't keep you waiting. Enjoy yourself and do be careful. Have fun in the future darling!" Then everything went black.
  2. I woke up in a bed that was not mine. I opened my eyes and found myself in a room that was not mine. I slowly rose and looked down. I was wearing clothes that were not mine. I got out of the foreign bed and went to the looking glass. My hair was different. Not drastically, but different. It was a good different though. It was a nice black, almost indigo. My hair was more shiny and voluminous. It was silky to the touch and it framed my face. My eyes were the same bright green. I was a little taller. My kohl was gone and so were my charms and my tunic. I looked at my clothes more closely this time. I was wearing long pants that wear a dark blue color and were seamed at the sides. For my shirt, I was wearing a white lace top. I saw underneath that I was wearing an undergarment that had two straps at the top the color of Ameythsts. On my feet were the sandals I would have worn if Father didn't approve. They were inspired by the Roman sandals. I wiggled my toes and looked around the room. The walls were white. The doors were white. The couch was white. Everything was white except for the bed which was a ruby color. It had a ruby color top sheet and had white pillows. It was the only color in the entire room. It was exactly how I would have designed my room. I also spotted a case filled with books and papyrus scrolls. Immediately, I ran to the case and looked for The Stories of Ptolemy and Cleopatra. It was there. I hugged it close to my chest, thanking Huh for sending it with me. I walked over to the table by the window and set down the scroll. I saw another already occupied it. It was from Huh. It read,' Cleopatra, you are in Pennsylvania. That is in Northern United States. The United States were formed after Great Britain and their people fought for freedom. You will find that you already know most of this country's history. You will be attending a boarding school. You are going to be living in your own room at the school. You will attend classes five days a week. Now if people ask what your name is or where you are from, you will say that your name is Cleo and that your family is royal and you don't really have a permanent home. That is not lying for it is sort of true. It is the truth but not thee whole truth. You can tell people that you are Cleopatra if you wish, but they will doubt you and most likely not belive you. Best of luck~Huh.'
  3. I set down the scroll and grabbed the pack that was near the washing bowl. Inside held what resembled papyrus paper, feather pens, an ink bottle, and other essentials I guess are supposed to be used for this "school" that I was to attend. I put everything back inside and closed the pack. It reminded me of the packs the caravan traders held when they came to the palace. I shouldered it and went to the door. I found a key in the little slot on the knob. I put in on of the five pockets in the long blue pants and opened the door. That's when I was attacked.
  4. "Hi there! You must be the new girl. You probably don't even know who I am. Ha! Of course you don't. You just got here this morning. Well anyways my name is Alice and this is Marissa!" Two girls were standing right outside of my door holding a big basket in their hands. Apparently it takes two to hold one basket. The girl who spoke, Alice, was dressed in pink shorts and a black and white tribal shirt. She was smiling so wide that I thought she was going to stay frozen like that forever. the other girl, Marissa, was wearing a coral tunic with no straps. All it contained was a white sash with a big bow in the front. "So newbie. What's your schedule say?" I have no clue on what this stranger means so I say,"Uuuhh." The girl reaches towards my open door."Oh. Here it is. Let us see.' she scans through the paper that had been posted on the outside of my door. "Cool we all have fisrt, third, fourth, and last period together. Awesome!" During this whole ordeal, I just stood there quietly.
  5. "So what's your name newbie?" the girl Marissa asks."Cleo." I can barely hear myself speak. Well that is embarrassing. Oh well. They seem nice enough."Cleo. That's cool. We have a Cole at this popsicle stand." "Um. I thought this was a school. Not a popsicle stand." I say. Clearly this alarms them because they look frightened." Ohmigod! Are you like not from here or something?" The girls look at me strangely. I think back to Huh's scroll." Can you girls keep a secret?" I ask. They nod. I breath."You are correct. I am not from here. I am part of the royal family back in..Europe. I do not live anywhere for more than a couple of seasons at a time. But I am here to stay. For now that is. Can you promise to not spread this secret around?" The girls are stunned but have smiles on there faces. Alice breaks first."But of course Cleo! We are your new friends. You can count on us. Right Rissa?" She waves her hand in front of Marissa's face. Marissa nods as well. "Awesome. So can we be like your ladies in waiting or something?" Marissa asks. I nod."Why not? But one rule." They both nod for me to go on." No calling me your Majesty or Your Highness or any of that. Understood?" "Yes ma'am!" They both salute me and we all laugh. "Well come in. Don't just stand out here." I motion for them to enter my room.
  6. Once we are all seated on my white floor, Alice speaks."So Marissa and I have nicknames for each other. Mine's Ali and hers is Rissa. For you we will call you...Cleopatra. You just add patra to the end of your name. Clever right?" 'They will be calling me by my real name but they don't even know it.' I thought. I nodded."Ok." Now Marissa speaks up." Alice and I were thinking of showing you around. What do you think?" " Sure. Sounds like fun." Alice jumps up and down on the floor."Sweet!" she says."C'mon. We will go right away." Alice grabs my hand and pulls me towards the door. Marissa follows.
  7. We arrive in a courtyard of some sort. I got confused on how to get there so I just let Alice and Marissa lead the way. When we entered the courtyard I saw two things happen. The first thing was a group of girls with a blonde leading walked by. The head blonde pushed a little girl into the fountain nearby. The girl got up and sputtered. She fumed and cursed silently. I could see her lips pronounce some foul words. The second was the head blonde also snapped her fingers and a burly football player came out of nowhere and decided to smooch her entire face like a kid would on a lollipop. I watched with disgust as we kept walking. The next thing I knew I had walked into someone and fell backwards. I looked up at the person I had walked into and came face to face with a gorgeous boy. He had gold Aviators on. And then get this. He kept walking!! Alice helped me up from the ground. I brushed myself off. "That was Cole. The head dooschebag of Penn State High School." That. Was.COLE!! He seemed like a complete jerk to me." Well well well. Look who we have here." said a voice. It was female."Shut up Britt." snarled Marissa. But the girl wasn't done yet."I see we have newbie in our midst. What's your name b**ch?" Who the heck did this girl think she was? So I decided to scare her just a little."Cleo. What's your name white trash?" I smiled devilishly. I don't know where that came from. It's like I was programmed on what to say."Britt. Now who are you and what are you doing on my campus? Nobody invited you here. Why are you here?"
  8. "Well for starters I am here because my family is traveling Europe right now and I wanted to go to school. And I don't know why I chose here. Maybe it was to end your tyranny. Oh and why do you stuff your bra Britt?" There was a collective gasp from everyone around me. Britt had on a face of pure hatred, embarrassment, and shock. I heard one of her followers say,"How did she know about that?" I smiled. Bullseye. Britt fumed and stomped off. People started to clap. I even gave out high fives and hugged Alice and Marissa." She is going to ruin your life now." Said Alice. I shrugged.
  9. Later that evening after I had been given a tour of the school, I was lying in my bed when I heard a small noise come from my closet. I tiptoed to my closet doors and opened them silently. I hadn't really checked my closet but I was blown away. Inside were clothes that models would where. Clothes from stores with names like Pacsun, American Eagle, Topshop, and more weird names. But on the floor lay a large wicker basket. I pulled back the sheet inside and found a tiger inside. I let out a small "Aww" sound and picked up the tiger. Then I saw the scroll.' DEAREST CLEOPATRA, I FIGURED THAT YOU SHOULD HAVE SOME COMPANY RATHER THAN BE ALL ALONE. I HAVE SENT YOU THIS TIGER TO WATCH OVER YOU, PROTECT YOU AND TO KEEP YOU COMPANY. ENJOY HIM.' Snuggling the tiger, I put down the scroll."What about a name for you? All tigers have mighty names." Then a name popped into my head."Dharza. In honor of my best friend back home." The tiger purred. I felt a presence enter my mind."I like that name. It suits me." 'Can you speak to me through my mind?' I thought. Dharza nodded. Cool!
  10. Dharza followed me back to my bed and jumped up onto the comforter. I stroked his silky orange and black fur while I recounted today's events. I fell asleep after a while with the light on. When I woke, the clock said 1:32 a.m. I rubbed my eyes and looked around. Sure enough Dhraza was awake.'There is a note by your door Cleo.' He said. In my head of course. So I got up and went to the door. I picked up the note and went back to my bed. I unfolded the note and it read in scrawled handwriting,"GeT OUt wHIle yOU StIlL CAn nEwbIE."

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