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Hey everyone its kali and morgan! so we came up with a cute exciting series to put up we reallllyyy hope you like it!!! we put alot of work into it! it would be great for you to comment idea and your thoughts! thank you!

boy descriptions: Riley- brown hair that flips perfectly. hazel blue green eyes. wears adorable nerd glasses and is smart.Bret-black silky flippy hair, piercing green eyes,dimples, and is really sweet!(emo) nathan- short dirtyblonde hair, dark blue eyes, tan, cute little dimples, is the caring and protective one!

Created by: kali and morgan
  1. you're walking down the school hall way with your best friend, Stephanie, on your way to French class.
  2. you sit in your class seat, and your teacher comes by collecting permission slips for the annual junior/senior trip to France. Afterward, Ms. Casey started explaining all the rules and what to expect for tomorrow morning. You zone out daydreaming about a romantic French love story. Next thing you know the bell rang and you quickly packed up your things and started to leave. As you walk out you slam right into one of the boys in your class.
  3. all of your stuff goes flying, as he turns around to help, you apologize. noticing his cute nerd glasses and brown flippy hair. "I'm so sorry," you say over and over again as you bend down to pick up your stuff. "it's fine, really, are you okay?" he asked as he helps you up. "yeah, im fine," you answer, "I'm really sorry." "dont be," he laughs. " It was an accident."
  4. "Riley!" someone yells from across the hall, "we have to get going." ooohhh Riley huh? that's a cute name you think to yourself. "hey, I gotta go, but are you sure you're okay?" he asks almost hesitant to leave. you tell him you're fine, and before he turns to walk away he says, "alright< I'll see you tomorrow then." He flashes you a cute smile and walks away.
  5. Later that night, you're in your room packing for tomorrow. All the while, thinking about Riley ever since you bumped into him. Your thoughts, however, get interuppted by your mom knocking on your door. She comes in with a tray of hot chocolate and cookies, and takes a seat next to you on your bed. "I can't believe your leaving for France tomorrow!"she says handing you your mug. you give a small smile and say, "it's only for a couple of week" giving her a reassuring hug. You are very close to your mom. Especially ever since your dad left to fight in the army not too long ago. "But you're my baby girl, I'm going to miss you so much!" she hugs you even tighter. you pull back and look into her eyes. You can tell she has been crying. "Mom," you whine, " It's a class trip with my school, that they go on every year! Nothing's going to happen. She smiles at you, and you guys laugh while dunking your coookie in your hot cocoa. "Well," she says finally, " you should get some sleep. you have a really big day ahead of you tomorrow." at that she grabs your hot chocolate mug,and kisses your forehead. You say goodnight and finish packing. you then fall asleep quickly. what's on your mind?
  6. the next morning you wake up, and get ready. you were a pair of dark skinny jeans, a blue tee with a comfy sweat shirt. and where comfortable sneakers for traveling.(or whatever you want) You grab your bags and head down stairs. You find that your mom laid out a huge goodbye breakfast. you quickly eat, and you and your mom get into the car to go to school. where you'll be leaving with your classmates.
  7. you arrive at school and your mom gets out to help you with your bags. She hugs you goodbye for one last time, and you walk over to the busses. As you're walking over you sport Riley with a few other boys. One boy has adorable black flippy hair with peircing green eyes. The other has shorter dirty blonde hair with dark blue eyes. Riley waves and gestures for you to come over ther. You walk over, and Riley says, "_____, this is Bret and Nathan." Bret smiles at you revealing his cute dimples and looks down at the ground. "Hi," Nathan says shaking your hand. OH MY LORDY THEY'RE HOT. you think to yourself. Then you realize how the hell did Riley know your name?! "Umm, how do you know my name?" you question Riley. "I have my ways," he answers jokingly with a wink. You guys smile and you feel yourself almost blush. "Well this is kind of awkward," laughs Nathan. Before anyone got to say somehing your teachers yell to get on the bus. You go up the stairs of the bus and trip over your own foot. As you feel yourself falling you then feel two strong arms catch you. you look up to see Bret holding you up. "Thanks," you murmur totally embarassed. he laughs as he goes to sit down next to Riley. Flashing you his amazing smile before he sits down.
  8. you end up taking a seat next to Nathan. it's a short ride to the airport you thought, so you couldnt be too awkward towards him in that time. as you drive along you find out that he is a Very caring and athletic guy. "How about you?" he asks with a smile. You never realized how he also has dimples. "Well," you start, "I'm an only child and I live with my mom at home, just us two. My dad left for the army some time ago. it was kind of hard leaving her,while i go to france." you pause surprised that you told him all that, but he, makes you feel like you tell him everything. "I'm sorry, i DID NOT need to you all that," you confess. Nathan smiles and just squeezes your hand. "Well im glad you did, and i understand what you're going through. I lost my mom when I was 12 years old in a car accident, and my dad left to fight for the army too. SO i had to pretty much raise my little sister and I." "I'm so sorry," you say looking into his sad blue eyes. "It's okay, i'm sorry for loading on all that oon you too!" he laguhs. however, you guys smile and laugh for the rest of the ride.
  9. (fast forward) you boarded the plane, and ended up sitting between some obnoxious chick and Bret! You were excited to get the chance to talk to him alittle more. so you planned on talk to him the whole flight. Right before you were about to take off Bret noticed how annoyed you were getting with the girl next to you. "____, do you want the window seat?" he asks kindly in your ear. You nod your head and smile. thankful to get away from that girl. "thank you," you whisper later. He just smiles and looks straight. Half way into the plane ride you actually got him talking. At first he was really shy, but after a little while he seemed to really warm up to you! You guys just talked and laughed for hours. not getting into any serious and deep subjects like you did with Nathan. that was awkward. you realized he was WICKED SWEET(: you started to feel really tired, and ended up falling fast asleep on Bret's shoulder. Next thing you know he is shaking you awake telling you that you've landed!
  10. you left the airport and went straight to sight seeing. you took bus to the Palace Of Versailles. (look it up) you get off the bus and your teacher assigns everyone into groups. Group one had both Bret and Nathan in it. you kind of hoped you could be with themm too,but then Ms. casey moved on to group 2. youy didn't really know anyone there except for the three boys. Luckily, you ended up being in group 3 with Riley! You guys walk over to your group leader Mr. Buvier. "hi stranger," Riley said cheerfully, "how was your flight" "it was fine," you say. Riley smiled. his glasses were just so flippin' cute on him! Mr. Buvier took attendance and the groups went inside. It was absolutely BEAUTIFUL! riley and you took great pictures all day long, and he told you a bunch of interesting facts as you looked around. he was very smile! it was getting late and everyone was beginning to go back outside.
  11. everyone all went out to dinner at a small restaurant not far from the palace. You didnt have to eat with your group, so all 4 of you got to seat with eachother. The waitress came over to take your orders. She has black hair with fair skin. she looked around eighteen years old. She went around the table took orders. however, when she got to Bret she turned on a hugr flirtatious smile and leaned in real close to him. b---- no, you thought to yourself. as she continued to flirt you began to grow impatient. suddenly you got extremely jealous. "UM exxusseee meeee?" you snapped. "but, culd you be so very kind to stop flirting for a sec and take my order? k thanks." you smile nicely. She just rolled her eyes and continued to flirt. "so..." she said, "how long are you visiting? maybe we could....go out sometime." the waitress winked, and Bret just smiled awkwardly. "aww hellll noo," you said losing it. "This pretty little by over here, does NOT want you all up on him. so you can you be a dear and walk away? great, thankss." she gives you a dirty look and eventually backed off. Of course not forgetting to give Bret her phone number. Nathan and Riley started dying of laughter. "somebody's jealous," Nathan said jokingly. you feel yourself going red and defend yourself by saying, "NO! i'm just....really hungry!" "Yeah, i'ill say!" he answers back. All the boys laugh.
  12. you guys got your food and were having a great time. you looked over to the table diagonal from you and saw 5 or so boys goofing off from your school. They completely knocked over a waiter carrying some food. "idiots," whispere Nathan. you just laughed and turned your attention back to your own table. You noticed Riley had zoned out and seemed to be looking at something. "everything okay?" you ask quietly. He just snapped his ateention back you and said, "oh, uh yeah!" he smiled you could tell her he was lying. "You sure?" you said again with a curious look. "yeah! it's just i keep seeing these... nevermind, forget it, it's nothing. i'm fine!" he smiles. you decided to let it drop, but you were still kind of worried. Then Ms. Casey got up and told everyone to go outside and load up all the buses. they were going to head to their hotels for the night. You guys stood up and went outdoors. As you were waiting you said, "I'll be right back, I have to go to the bathroom." before you turned to walk away riley grabbed your arm and said, "_____, be very careful." he was very serious. so you just nodded and gave him a small smile.
  13. you walked away from the group and turned the corner to the nearest bathroom. it was kind of creepy out here. the only light was from the street lamps scattered across the road. You then started to hear footsteps behind you. Even though it was probably nothing, and Riley just got you paranoid, you quickened your pace. it wasn't till you heard the footsteps behind you get heavier and faster too til you started to freak out. You started slowly run, but suddenly you felt a bag go over your head, and you blacked out. CLIFFHANGERRR!!!!!! come back to see part 2 to see what comes nexxt! thank you for taking the quiz!

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