Are yu a real Throne of glass fan

There are from fans to fans, there are real fans of Throne of Glass and people who think they are a a Throne of Glass fan, well let's find out how much do you know about throne of glass

Do you consider yourself a true Throne of Glass fan? Do you think you know a lot about throne of glass fan? Are you sure you know it All? Well, let's find out

Created by: Just another fan
  1. Who is Arobbyn Hamel?
  2. Who wrote throne of glass?
  3. Who was Celaena's first love?
  4. How old was Celaena when her parents died?
  5. After how many months in the Endovier Salt mines Celaena tried to escape?
  6. Who gave Celaena the nickname of Elentiya?
  7. What's the name of Celaena's dog?
  8. What's the name of the Castle's head cook?
  9. What's Nehemia last name?
  10. Of what kingdom is Nehemia a princess?
  11. Who tried to kill Celaena in the first book?
  12. What will be the name of the third book?

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