Which character in The Glass Menagerie are you?

Tennessee Williams was one of the greatest playwrights of the twentieth century. The Glass Menagerie is his best-loved play. Which character are you?

Take La Boite Theatre Company's quick quiz*, answer the 12 questions, and you'll find out if you are most like Amanda Wingfield, Tom Wingfield, Laura Wingfield or Jim O'Connor - the gentleman caller. *Not to be taken very seriously.

Created by: La Boite Theatre Company of La Boite Theatre Company
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. In your spare time you like to:
  2. What nickname would you prefer?
  3. People describe you as:
  4. You would prefer to read:
  5. In your heart of hearts, you most desire:
  6. Your family is:
  7. In high school you were:
  8. What's your fashion philosophy?
  9. Do you see yourself getting married?
  10. You tend to dwell on:

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Quiz topic: Which character in The Glass Menagerie am I?