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  • Which character in The Glass Menagerie are you?

    Your Result: You are Laura Wingfield 81%

    resultTh e physically and emotionally crippled Laura is the only character in the play who never does anything to hurt anyone else. Despite the weight of her own problems, she displays a pure compassionas with the tears she sheds over Toms unhappiness, described by Amanda in Scene Fourthat stands in stark contrast to the selfishness and grudging sacrifices that characterize the Wingfield household. Laura also has the fewest lines in the play, which contributes to her aura of selflessness. Yet she is the axis around which the plot turns, and the most prominent symbolsblue roses, the glass unicorn, the entire glass menagerieall in some sense represent her. Laura is as rare and peculiar as a blue rose or a unicorn, and she is as delicate as a glass figurine.

    You are Amanda Wingfield 14%
    You are Tom Wingfield 0%
    You are Jim O'Connor


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