Are You Worthy Of Being In The Spelling B?

A Lot Of People Can Spell, Easy Words, Such As Stapler, And Of Course Cat. But This Quiz Is The Ultimate Test. Are You Worthy of Being In The Spelling B?

In This Quiz, With Logic And Brain, Find Out If Your One Of The High Ranks! Ever Wandered Around In Circles, Thinking Whether Your A Good Speller Or Not? Just Take This Quiz And Find Out!

Created by: Puppydog
  1. Easy Ones First. Spell Empyre Correctly.
  2. Ok. More Mistakes In This One. Spell Octoopuss
  3. Right, Getting Harder Already. Spell Pollygone (Lol) The Right Way (Polly_ Gone!)
  4. Ok. Lets Do A Visual Test. Find The Correct Word Here. CheseTodlerCristal
  5. Doo Yu Now Thee Corecctt Speling Off Thizz Centanc?
  6. Does The Title Of This Quiz Have A Mistake In It?
  7. What Is A Verb?
  8. Spell Sympathis The Correct Way.
  9. Make The Longest Word You Can Out Of These Letters- COCMOMATDIAINO
  10. Last Question. Will Rate/Comment On This Quiz? (Serious Add To The Results)

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Quiz topic: Am I Worthy Of Being In The Spelling B?