Can You Spell Things Correctly?

This quiz was inspired by my mother, who is a terrible speller. she is always spelling things wrong, and she is always asking me to spell simple words.

are you like my mom? or are you a spelling maniac? do you get a+'s on your spelling tests? or do you not reconize a word when you see one? find out with this amazing quiz!

Created by: twilightfan1

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  1. have you watched Akeelah and the Bee?
  2. have you been in a spelling bee?
  3. Decmber
  4. what is your average score on a speling test?
  5. how many other "Your"s are there besides y-o-u-r?
  6. how many "there"s are there besides t-h-e-r-e?
  7. do you like this qiz?
  8. only a few left! are you ready to be done?
  9. does alot have a space in it?
  10. if you answered yes to question 11, where does the space go?

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Quiz topic: Can I Spell Things Correctly?