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  • i got ok speller

    The best tomboy May 7 '14, 1:55AM
  • Awsome Speller.... hahahah... sure....

    Dark_Vampire101 Mar 16 '11, 8:43AM
  • Good for you! i've been in the spelling bee and i lost of synthasis... i know it now though!

    Puppydog Mar 16 '11, 12:13AM
  • Just the pressure of being counted on in front of a shizload of people gets me...

    tomboykaitie Mar 15 '11, 10:10PM
  • I went to the Port Angeles Spelling Bee in the fourth grade (: But I was the first one out xD

    tomboykaitie Mar 15 '11, 10:09PM
  • Awesome speller!!! Boo yeah! Whenever someone in school can't spell a word they always come to me.;)

    Mythologyfreak Mar 15 '11, 6:06PM
  • Yay! 100% im a excellent speller! That quiz was actually kind of easy. Yes, I have been in a spelling Bee, but it was embarrassing because I failed on the word "missile" and I will NEVER spell it wrong again!!!!

    EmraldYE Mar 15 '11, 3:40PM
  • I got good speller. :P Awesome quiz. Thumbs up!

    gaby400 Mar 15 '11, 12:36PM
  • this is a great quiz i got 100 on great speller

    flibber Mar 15 '11, 7:58AM

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