The Wonderlandian Quiz of Words and Logic

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Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass are filled with interesting wordplay and inconsistent logic. How good are you with verbal skills? Can you discover and play with new words? Do you like to answer logic puzzles? This quiz is for you.

These questions are made up of riddles, word games, and logic puzzles. Don't worry if you get any of them wrong. This is just meant to be fun and stretch your brain a little.

Created by: Sara Porter of Teaching Alice in Wonderland
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  1. The word is Calm. What is the penultimate letter?
  2. What happens twice in a moment, once in a minute, but never in a second?
  3. Phil the Philatelist asked for a specific request for a rare item for Christmas. His friend, Norman the Numismatic gave him a rare Indian-head coin. While Phil appreciated it, because it was rare, it wasn't what he really wanted. What was the problem?
  4. What letters complete each of the following letters to make four complete words? Sp, B, Th, T, D
  5. Tessa, Jimmy, Joe, and Dave are in a rock band. Jimmy plays the keyboards, but not the guitar. Tessa plays the guitar and drums. Dave plays drums, but not synthesizer. Joe plays the guitar but not the drums. If each of the players plays exactly two of the three instruments, which one could take over if Tessa gets sick?
  6. Insert a word that completes the first word and starts the second. Be ( ) Hazel
  7. Hawk is to dove as assasin is to
  8. What known phrase is an exact rhyme for these words: Noun and drought?
  9. Johnny has four pen pals from different states. Can you determine which child comes from which state? Child-Ann, Billy, Jenny, and Martin States-New York, California, Illinois, and Texas Hints: Bill's state does not have an X in it, nor does Ann's. Ann lives West of the Mississippi Martin's state is a single word Bill does not live on the West Coast Martin's state borders a Great Lake Martin's state is a Great Lake
  10. A detective broke into an apartment to find Harry and Grace lying on the floor dead. Beside them was a small pool of water and fragments of glass shattered. Above them was a cat hissing with its back arched. Using only this observation and no further investigation, the detective determined that the cause of death was strangulation. How did he arrive at that conclusion?

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