Are You Topaz or Amathyst?

This quiz is to figure out which Gemstone Howrse you are off of; Topaz or Amethyst. You can either be a cheery,lovable person that everyone loves to hang around, or you can be a person that has a kind heart, but likes to keep to themselves.

Are you a Topaz or are you an Amathyst? Do you see the world through happy or dull eyes? Are you popular or kind of just hanging around? It won't take long to find out!

Created by: Piper
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. I Would Rather Spend the Weekend-
  2. My Favorite Shcool Subject is-
  3. My Favorite Color Combo is-
  4. If I Had a Pet, It Would be a-
  5. My Favorite Shampoo Smell is-
  6. I am- (Be Honest)
  7. My Favorite School Day is-
  8. My Favorite Type of Party is-
  9. My Usual Passtime is-
  10. My Favorite Time of Day is-

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Quiz topic: Am I Topaz or Amathyst?