Are you the biggest HP fan?

Welcome one and all! This is the Harry potter fan test. Of course do't bother taking this, unless you are the biggest HP fan. After all the biggest HP fan means your the only person in the world who knows the most about HP. From every blooper to every line.

Wait do YOU think your the biggest Barry Potter fan? Well what are you waiting for? TAKE THE TEST! Warning: if you havent read all 7 books or watched all of them DO NOT take this test. It may include spoliers. You cannot get angry at me if there is a spolier. PLEASE DON'T TAKE THIS TEST UNLESS YOU HAVE READ OR SAW ALL OF HARRY POTTER!

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  1. In book 1, Neville loses ______ on the train.
  2. In book 1, What is the 3rd task to get into the final room in the dungeon?
  3. In book 2, ______ was petrified 2nd
  4. In book 2, What is the name of the History of Magic teacher?
  5. In book 3, ________ hits Draco in the face with a wand
  6. In book 3, Where do Harry,Ron,Hermione,Lupin,Siruis,and Peter gather?
  7. In book 4, _____ and _____ come out of Voldemorts wand.
  8. In book 4, Harry take who to the yule ball?
  9. In book 5, ________ is a death eater.
  10. In book 5, what does Ron get tangled in?
  11. In book 6, _____ kills Dumbledore
  12. In book 6, Who does Occulmency with Harry?
  13. In book 7, ________ has to go with Umbridge to decide if a wizard is pure blooded or not
  14. In book 7 who dies FIRST

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Quiz topic: Am I the biggest HP fan?