What Harry Potter character are you . . . for real??

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Come and play this Quiz if you dare Potterheads! In this quiz you will find out which Harry Potter character you are! You can get Harry, Hermione, Draco, Dumbledore, Neville, Ginny, Sirius, Snape, Ron, and even Voldemort!

In this quiz I will ask you questions and you have to answer them. Your result will depend on your answer. I hope you absolutely love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Created by: Silas Moody

  1. You are dueling with a enemy. What spell do you use?
  2. What is your wand core?
  3. What is your favorite color of these four?
  4. What magical creature are you most afraid of?
  5. What position do you play in Quidditch?
  6. What is your favorite magical creature?
  7. Your getting ready for exams. How do you study?
  8. Some fifth years are bullying a first year, how do you respond?
  9. What animal would you bring to Hogwarts?
  10. What Hogwarts subject is your favorite?

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Quiz topic: What Harry Potter character am I . . . for real??