The Hardest Harry Potter Quiz in the world

Harry Potter what do i say he is the existence of my life. the reason i wake up in the morning the bubble to my gum he is my love. and harry spends most of his time saving in wizarding worldif only i was ginny.... now the reason this quiz is so hard is because people dont listen to harry potter they just think he cute so they watch the moveis well STOP read the books and maybe then you can be worthy of this test

do you claim to be a harry potter fan do you? do you? well if you do your wrong unles you receive an outstanding on you BHPFINW ( biggest harry potter fan in the world test) you must go to every person you told that youwere the biggest harry potter fan and take that back. have fun.....

Created by: laura

  1. What is Ginny's Full Name?
  2. When and Where was slytherins locket FIRST found
  3. How does rowling describe the harry and hermione that come out of the locket
  4. what is hermione's explantion for why the clumpple horned snorkak horn explodes?
  5. what color was pavarti's dress to the yule ball?
  6. what kind of promise did snape make to narcissa
  7. what is hagrid describing as he says this "i used to hope id just die in me sleep when they letme out it was like being born again"
  8. why did hermione gove ron a day off of owl studies?
  9. what di ron say to earn an extra jab from the secrecy scanner?
  10. What did ron do to his driver inspector

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