Are you telekinetic

Are you telekinetic? Telekinetic can move matter throughout their mind. They are the next evolution of humans of angels from above. I am not CRAZY. Got it

Answer my questions. You could be one of the few special people. You could be a world changer or a normal person. Don't be down though. Just a quiz made for fun.

Created by: Troy

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Can you see the aura of people around you?
  2. What is you favorite color?
  3. What is telekinesis?
  4. Where did the word telekinesis originate?
  5. What color is your aura?
  6. Have thing moved without explanation around you?
  7. How would you explain life?
  8. Are you religious of spiritual?
  9. Do you believe in god?
  10. Do you meditate

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Quiz topic: Am I telekinetic