Are you sure you're this, or that?

Okay so its just a personality test. Just take it and get your answer, nothing complicated. :) its really simple. it just defines your personality in a way but not completely closing you in on your choices. So its preety fair. Again. just try it out. Its kinda funny. By the way i didnt make this. My friend did so if there's any errors dont blame me... i'm just writing the paragraphs because her hands hurts.

Are YOU a weirdo? or a shy guy? or a artist? or a sport person? test this out. And you will see. or not see. im not sure. But at least its sorta fun. Hope you enjoy my friends Hellens quiz. shes really awesome and no this isnt about me and her other friends. it was on some site but she changed the questions and descitpions a little. so no! we arnt all so origonal

Created by: Elizabeth
  1. Some weirdo ask you what job you want when you're older for a school project you say...
  2. Choose a topping for your b-day cupcake
  3. Who would you invite to this private party you just barely got into?
  4. My favorite animal ever would be the-
  5. My favorite subject?
  6. I wanna go buy some new clothes. -answer honestly- i go to-
  7. I wanna go buy some new clothes. -answer honestly- i go to-
  8. Dream Vaca would definately be...
  9. ... just choose...
  10. Whats your favorite color?

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Quiz topic: Am I sure you're this, or that?