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Many people wants to find out what there personality is, so in this quiz I will test you on easy questions. There is only 13 questions. The personality test is easy. No difficulties included. I care for all of you to comment and rate this. For the best answer: Answer wisely and Answer honestly.

Discover your personality! I worked hard for this and took me about an hour to finish. I had all my efforts on here. Enjoy this, and take your time. It might not be the best quiz, but thank you. Don't forget to Comment and Rate!

Created by: J.FLA
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  1. Are you Generous, Creative, or a Leader?
  2. Are you always Creative, even though you get rough times in your life?
  3. Are you always willing to help even if your feeling lazy?
  4. Were you a born leader?
  5. Imagine, you see a little girl in the park bleeding and crying for help will you help her?
  6. Imagine, a little boy was having trouble on his homework, will you help him finish his homework with having fun?
  7. Imagine, you saw 11 year old people stealing, will you tell the secretary or will you convince them to not to steal?
  8. Which personality type do you want to get?
  9. When someone threatens you to not be a tattle. Do you get scared to do the right thing?
  10. When people say mean things to you or your hobbies, Are you going to listen to them or keep doing what you do best and the person who does the right things in the world?
  11. Last question: Do you believe in God And Do you love God with all your heart?

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