Are you an INTJ?(MBTI)

INTJs are very rare and everyone wants to be their type and it's an amazing and magical and wonderful personality type in the MBTI test,this type is very awesome!

By the way this test may not be very accurate so if you wanna know how your real personality you should take the MBTI test,so go on take this test and see your result! Rate and comment please!

Created by: Rosetta Jones
  1. You feel at ease in a crowd.
  2. You're very social.
  3. You are very popular and you have a lot of friends.
  4. You have a great imagination and you're creative.
  5. You rely more on your experience than your intuition.
  6. Facts or theories?
  7. You are always organized and prepared.
  8. You make decisions baced on feelings.
  9. You think that the way you do something is more important than the result.
  10. You give the result(in most of things) a high importance.

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Quiz topic: Am I an INTJ?(MBTI)