Which Curb Your Enthusiasm Character Are You? MBTI

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Curb Your Enthusiasm Myers-Briggs Personality Quiz. This quiz was inspired by the main character Larry David who's abrasive personality provides the basis of most episodes.

Based on the application of MBTI descriptions to the characters in Curb Your Enthusiasm. Answers to questions are balanced based on the tendencies of the characters throughout the show.

Created by: mkin2
  1. Are you always on time to appointments?
  2. You enjoy having a wide circle of acquaintances.
  3. It's difficult to get you excited.
  4. You trust reason rather than feelings.
  5. You readily help people while asking nothing in return
  6. You find human contact repulsive.
  7. You frequently and easily express your feelings and emotions.
  8. You tend to sympathize with other people
  9. You enjoy being at the center of events in which other people are directly involved.
  10. You are comfortable stopping and chatting with acquaintances.
  11. You are strongly touched by stories about people's troubles.
  12. You feel at ease in a crowd.
  13. Often things you say are taken the wrong way.

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