What type of friend are you?

I made this quiz for my friends, but hopefully you like it too! I did this in school, so it's kinda school based. What type of friend do you think you are?

This quiz is about what kind of friend you are. Are you reliable, and will keep any of your friends' secrets? Or will you be over protective and defend them from anything?

Created by: Eclipse Starz

  1. if someone asks your friend on a date, do you...
  2. If your friend tries to do something dangerous, you would...
  3. There is a new person in school, you..
  4. If there is a shooting near your friends or at your school you...
  5. Your friend needs help on a project, you..
  6. (this won't effect anything) do you know their favorite colors or animals
  7. Do any of your friends have a crush? (doesn't effect)
  8. Random filler question: Do you have a crush?
  10. last question: did you like dis?

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Quiz topic: What type of friend am I?