What Type Of Friends Are You?

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So everyone kinda wants to know what kind of cliquey thing they're in... And here is the answer. Just take the quiz and you'll find out what stereo-type you and your friend are.

So yah. Just take the quiz and have fun with it!!! I hope you're satisfied!!!

Created by: Emma322
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. How old were you guys when you first met??
  2. Do you know their fav. Animal??
  3. Why weren't you guys friend before?
  4. What do you guys do after school?
  5. What is the common thing that your teacher would say to you when you and your BFF come to class?
  6. Would you consider your friend ti be positive or negative?
  7. Is your friend smart?
  8. How 'bout your smarts?
  9. Do you consider yourselves similar?
  10. Which one of these things are you and your friend most like?

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Quiz topic: What Type Of Friends am I?