Which Type of Friend Are You?

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this quiz will help you fid out the type of person you rein a friend group. this quiz is mainly for girls btw! made based off of a strong opinion and not actual facts. should i make more quizzes?

if you don't like your results, please don't be rude and move on from them. they definitely could be correct and they might not be! i hope you enjoy this quiz!

Created by: maddie

  1. what is your favorite social media app?
  2. name 3 words that your friends would describe you with?
  3. what will we catch you doing at prom?
  4. what is your everyday style, out of these options?
  5. pick a tv show
  6. what shades of color do you like best?
  7. what are your top 2 favorite brands to shop at?
  8. which animal is your favorite?
  9. pick an aesthetic
  10. whats your favorite season?

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Quiz topic: Which Type of Friend am I?