Are you sure you are going to Heaven?

This quiz does not tell you if you are really making it to Heaven, it is between you and God, this is only for fun, not fortune. Do not take this to seriously.

I also created a quiz called "Are you really a Christian?" there are a few out there, but this one, is created by me, "James/ James Bush"! God bless, Love, He love you.

Created by: JamesBush

  1. Have you gone to church lately?
  2. Do you read the Bible?
  3. Where do you think you are going when you die?
  4. Are you sure you have a good relationship with God?
  5. Ok, a few questions answered, now... what do you do in your free time?
  6. Whad to you think of this quiz?
  7. Do you worship any demonic gods?
  8. Are you a happy person or a sad person?
  9. How are you with other people?
  10. Do you love God?

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Quiz topic: Am I sure you are going to Heaven?