Are you strong or weak?

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There are many strong people, but few truly powerful individuals. Powerful muscles are, after all, hard to come by. But with hard work and dedication, even you can become strong.

Are YOU strong? Or are you weak? Do you have the raw strength, muscle mass and power to claim the title of the strongest? Until now you could only wonder. But thanks to this great quiz, in just a few minutes you will find out!

Created by: Lucky Yena

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  1. First of all, I want you to do as many pullups as you can. Find anything to do them with. Shower curtain, door, playground equipment, anything. Do pullups to failure. So how many did you do?
  2. How much can you bench press? If you have no idea, take your weight [in pounds] and calculate 60%. Then find a calculator for your "1 rep max", insert the number you came up with, insert the number of pushups you can do without getting tired and there's your answer.
  3. How many situps can you do without a break?
  4. How many body-weight squats can you do without a break?
  5. Do a set of pushups to failure. How many did you do?
  6. Find a friend that frequently works out and is generally fit. Have an arm wrestle with him or her. Repeat 3 times. Who is the winner?
  7. How many hours do you exercise in a week?
  8. Now find a friend that is unfit and rarely works out. Have an arm wrestle with him or her. Repeat 3 times. Who is the winner?
  9. Do a handstand, and from there do as many handstand pushups as possible. How did you do?
  10. How many times per week do you play a sport?
  11. Do you have a visible 6-pack?
  12. How big are your arm muscles?
  13. What's the state of your chest?

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