Are You Strong Willed?

To be strong willed is almost synonymous to being successful at most things you do in life. People that are really strong willed almost never give up in the face of difficulty.

Find out if you are the weak on or the strong in that movie where all but one person dies. This quiz will tell you what you already know if you are strong willed.

Created by: Levi
  1. Does pain while doing something make you even more determined to continue or win?
  2. Are you the type to order something you are not sure you can eat. ie something spicy or large quantities of something?
  3. Have you ever repressed a memory?
  4. Do try to never use painkillers of any kind?
  5. When you and one of your siblings each want the same thing(food maybe), who gets it?
  6. Do you choose a harder workout specifically because you aren't sure you can do it?
  7. Are you an "ok" person or are you a "challenge accepted" person?
  8. When you hear about the training programs of elite military branches what is your response?
  9. Have you been known to beat people that are better than you at something because you out-try them?
  10. Do you get intimidated by people that look B.A.?
  11. If you were the victim of a home invasion would you...?

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Quiz topic: Am I Strong Willed?