Which Gallagher Girl Are you Most like?

You could be invisible, rich, weak, strong, smart, strong willed, boy crazy, and so much more! Find out now who you may be a true spy or somebody who wants more to life then lies and secrets.

Who are YOU!? Cameron Morgan (Cam, Cammie, or Chameleon), Bex, Liz, or Macey? Find out now to see who you are most like!You never know! Answer the questions truthfully and find out!

Created by: G.R.

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  1. Who is better for Cammie?
  2. Who is most important?
  3. Joe Solomn or Dr.Steve?
  4. What characteristics of Zach are best?
  5. Should Cammie know what happened to her dad?
  6. Do you think Josh still loves Cammie and not DeeDee?
  7. Does Cammie's mom's cooking sound as bad as Cammie describes it or do you think it sounds kind of tasty?
  8. Do you like the exchange of Blackthorne boys idea?
  9. Would you like to have Rachel Morgan as your Headmistress/principal?
  10. Normal life or a secret life where you live lies?

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Quiz topic: Which Gallagher Girl am I Most like?