How much do you KNOW Gallagher girls

To be a Gallagher girl not only do you have to be able to spell it you have to score high Every Book is good but these books are great So good Job Ally carter for making the BEST BOOKS EVER!!!!! You need to be smart to get in so dont forget to study before taking this test!

Are YOU GALLAGHER GIRL worthy well you have to take this test and score 90%+ to be one! Do you have what it takes to become a Gallagher girl like Liz Bex Morgan Or even Cammie can you score as high as Liz (100%) We will see soon.

Created by: Gabby

  1. In the first book, Josh drinks somthing to erase his memeroy what is it?
  2. In the second book Cammie has a stain on her uniform. Where is it?
  3. In the third book Zach says "This is no place..." Cammie interupts him and says what?
  4. In the first book Joshs mom gives her how many hugs when they were at the Fall harvest dance?
  5. In the second book Joe gives Zach a question when playing tag what is the anwser?
  6. In the third book when in the train with Zach Cammie thinks "dont become a spy..."
  7. In the second book Joe hands them somthing that looks like ____.
  8. In the first book who is it that finds out first that Cammie goes to the Gallaher Academy?
  9. In the second and Third book Zach calls Josh...
  10. In the second book Who interups Zach and Cammie when they are about to kiss?
  11. In the third book Cammie hids under a bed in her Aunt Abbys room, What does Abby say about it?
  12. When Morgan is gone Liz asks "Where are we going?" The answer

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Quiz topic: How much do I KNOW Gallagher girls