Are you similar to me? Part 2

This is another quiz about me. But, it is the Part 2. Are you like me! This is a similarity quiz. The questions that does not make sense are a bit corny.

Are you like me?! A similarity quiz of mine will help you! We might meet with each other in person! Do you have time do to this?! You must!!! Are you similar to me?! Take this quiz to find out!Thanks!

Created by: Dc maliwat

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  1. Before you take this quiz, please do part 1 first.
  2. How many friends are your neighbors?!
  3. Are you the oldest in your friends that are your neighbors?!
  4. I love..
  5. Do me have a siblings?
  6. Are you similar to me?No effects
  7. Am I female?!
  8. I ran out of questions!
  9. Could you do splits?!
  10. How would a wood with a woodchuck chop if ___ woodchuck could chop wood?
  11. There will be a part 3 soon!

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Quiz topic: Am I similar to me? Part 2