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  • It was actually pretty right, just annoys me how they make the answers so obvious to if it was shy or outgoing, few in betweens. I'm kinda shy, kinda outgoing, I am more outgoing and talkative with people i've known longer. But it's not like i am terrified to speak to new people. I actually think I am good with being outgoing with new people and stuff. But i'm never really perfectly loose or talking as much as I can when im with people i just know. And i think im more shy around guys. i want some guy friends but it just seems like they'd think i crush on them or something if all of a sudden, i, person who doesn't talk to guys much start to talk to them. I hate how people think shy means you're afraid of what people think about you, and that you're not sure of yourself. It's not always true. u just need time to be completely urself. Of course it varies for different people tho.

    Geez i've been ranting a ton, ha, yes i can be a talker if i wanted to...

  • I find the quiz funny and easily follow-through. However, I do find the quiz black and white, somewhat predictable. I could, almost, decide which answer I wanted - or only be of either outgoing and shy. There was not an inbetween, such as awkwardly shy or extremly outgoing. I mean, sometimes, people are more than outgoing, shy or moderate outgoing. This is my opinion though.

  • Pretty good quiz, man. Hit the the nail on the head so to speak. I am a pretty shy person, but i also tend to be very blunt. Lookin' forward to seeing more.

  • True I am shy but I want to be outgoing but then my friends would think I'm weird just changing like that so it looks like I can't do anything about it. good quiz

  • You SUCK,bro! Spidey wouldn't be pleased.....
    ()_ __()

    ()__ _() I was just,like,swinging with him around the city and he said "OMG girl we gotta stop those bank robbers or else peoples will be killed" well like I said "Sure,dude" and he said c'mon dudette and......


  • I got shy. I want to be more outgoing but i cant. i want to be more social, but im too shy, hence i prefer outgoing friends who never stop talking

  • I got in between, since i tried your quiz will you try mine, its called when winter comes

  • No way am I in between... I'm outgoing with people I know AND I don't know. But it was OK.

    I like music
  • i am in between

    someone x
  • I am shy wen it comes 2 unknown peeps..... but around buds i'm hyper n loud.... i got shy... great quiz

  • True... 100% true... and it must be fun to mess with me because I come home crying everyday...... :(

  • Heyyy i got OutGoing and i did yours wil u do mine its called R u Poplaur or not? plzzzz ohh and thxs


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