Are You Sexy (for guys)?

there are lots of sexy people jn this world. From total hot ripped bodies to sexy personalities...Sexiness is just part of life and if we are lucky enough to be sexy, from silky hair to flawless features, we are lucky

Are you sexy? How Sexy are you? sexiness is a gift and wa e all want to know if we possess it... i know you're curious but if you take this quiz you will know you're ultimate sexiness

Created by: emokid
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What is you're hair color?
  2. Do you have muscles?
  3. You are best described as
  4. what color eyes do you have
  5. do you have a girlfriend
  6. your skin is
  7. do you have
  8. you are
  9. have you ever kissed a girl
  10. are you a good kisser
  11. what do you look for in a girl
  12. choose one

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Quiz topic: Am I Sexy (for guys)?