How Good Do You Look In A Bikini?

Bikini season, but do we dare step out in our skimpy two pieces? Find out if you have a sexy enough body for a barely there beach bikini. (Takers be warned, some questions are quite personal)

Ever wonder if your body was truly nice enough for a bikini? Ever wonder if guys (or girls)think you're the ultimate sex appeal in a two piece, or if you're the object of every woman's envy? Take this great facts based quiz and you're sure to find out - or at the very least, get a potential ego boost or reality check! {females only}

Created by: Nicole
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  1. Your tan so far this year:
  2. Sporting a bikini on a crowded public beach you:
  3. You're bust size is closest to:
  4. Your waist size is:
  5. Your hips are:
  6. Once you hit the sand, most often, your feet:
  7. Your toes:
  8. Your bum is:
  9. Your shoulders are:
  10. You have cellulite (little bumps and indents in your skin):
  11. My arms and back:
  12. My skin/body in general is generally:
  13. Your legs are generally:
  14. Before going to the beach:
  15. I have a tattoo:
  16. I have a piercing below my neck:
  17. My fingernails:
  18. I have a large noticable scar or birth mark/defect:
  19. I have stretch marks:
  20. I have rolls:

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Quiz topic: How Good do I Look In A Bikini?