Which Sexy O'Rourke Brother Is Your Perfect Man?

There are lots of guys out there, but only a few exceptional men. What kind of man suits you best? If you had a choice, who would you spend time with?

Do you have a favorite "Forever In A Day" book by Diana Duncan, or are you unable to choose? This quiz might help you figure out why...or help you decide.

Created by: Diana Duncan of Diana Duncan
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  1. My idea of a perfect date is:
  2. My most important quality in a man:
  3. If my man faced death every day on the job, when he left for work, I would:
  4. The element I most relate to:
  5. My ideal volunteer position:
  6. My Favorite Color Is:
  7. My Favorite Type of Movie is:
  8. My Dream Vacation:
  9. My Favorite Sport:
  10. Wild animal I relate most to:
  11. My Favorite Treat:
  12. What Describes Me Best:
  13. I'd Rather:
  14. What I Notice About A Man At First Glance:
  15. I Deal With Problems By:
  16. My Favorite Season:
  17. When I'm Angry I:
  18. Most Exciting Ride:

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Quiz topic: Which Sexy O'Rourke Brother Is my Perfect Man?