Who will you fall in love with?

Well this is just another love quiz. If I get good comments I'll continue the quiz. There are five guys and one girl (you). Who will you love more? The gentleman Jake? The rich cutie Noah? The cute partyanimal Blaze? The emoish hot one Daniel? Or the Sexy blonde one Heath?

Think the perfect guy is in this quiz? If not feel free to comment on your idea of a perfect guy.Any ideas to make the quiz better suited for everyone. Who do you think will be right for you? Find out right now. ;)

Created by: Acinorev
  1. It starts of as a regular day of you walking to school in your uniform when all of a sudden your best friend runs up to you telling you that there's a hot guy walking around looking for you. You start trying to figure out it might be. When you get there a blonde cutie with deep blue eyes walking up to you. He tells you to follow him.
  2. You follow him and end up going behind the school to a park. He looks around then turns to you. "______ your in deep trouble and need to some with me. You won't be safe unless you stay where I live. It won't just be me and you there." What are you thinking
  3. You agree but as hes about to turn you ask him whats his name. His turns to you, smiles then says "Blaze. You'll be meeting Jake, Noah, Daniel, and Heath pretty soon." You're know wondering how your lifes going to change. You start following him to a big house near the woods. He then looks at you and says "This is where you'll be living." What are you thing know?
  4. When you enter the house you see 3 guys sitting on a sofa. they look up and smile. The first one to come up to you has cute black hair and green eys. "Hello my name is Jake. If you ever need anything just call me. Im just going to be 2 rooms away." The next one to come up to you has a sexy six pack, short blonde curly hair, and different colored eyes. "Hi there. Im Heath. If you ever need someone to listen to you just call me." he winks the walks away. The next guy to come up to you has a hot tan body with beatutiful black hair and red eyes. "Hey. My names daniel. If you ever need anything or you know.. stuff.. then just call me...yeah..." He walks away confused. The last one to walk up has a really handsome smile, red hair, and red eyes. "Hello. My names Noah. If you ever want to go shopping for new things just call me and Ill take you on a shopping spree." He walks away real calm. After meeting everyone you go to your room. Who do you like so far?
  5. You look around your room. There are presents from each of the guys. Theres a note on the one up front. "Hope this makes you feel more welcomed. Make yourself comfortable. -Blaze" You open the first present. Its in a neon green and purple wrapping, its from Jake, when you open it you find $20 and a neon red i-pod with a note. "Heard you like your music. I got your presents in neon colors because I heard their your favorite colors. Hope you enjoy it -Jake" You think its soo sweet and put it in your pocket. The nect present is from heath its a card with $200. He adds a note saying "I don't know you that well so go ahead and pick out you're own present. That was pretty sweet you think. The next present is a pack of roses, $160, i-phone, and a note. "Dear _____ hope you like the presents. Don't worry about how much it cost or how much I'll spend just have fun ;) -Noah" Man he is pretty rich.o_O but its still sweet. The next present is a card with a picture of a beagle. on the card it says "like the dog? I don't know if you like beagles but Im sure you wouldn't want to be alone. Hope you like your present -Daniel" then you hear a bark from the closet. You open it up to find the little beagle with a bow on its head. You put the puppy on your bed while you open the last one. You find a completer new set of clothes!! One new summer dress, shirt, skirt, etc. Which present do you like most?
  6. When you go downstairs you see Blaze and Noah talking. When they see you they ask you what you want. You tell them you're not too hungry so anything would be fine. Noah makes you a small salad and then continues talking to Noah. While you're eating you're salad you here them talking about getting ready for anything that comes there way. While they're talking your wondering what's there to worry about. She's been safe for years. Then Daniel walks in the room he gets himself a snack trying to aviod you. After finishing your salad you walk to your room when all of a sudden you hear the window in your room break. You quickly check it out. You see a guy with a white hair and red eyes stare at you. The rest of the guys start running to your room. "Well..Well..well. So this is the new one huh. HA! Lets see how long she'll last in your care. Whats racing through your mind?
  7. He starts walking around the room. laughing. "So what's going to happen now right? Im sure you're all thinking that. Oh I almost forgot. Call me darren" Blaze starts to tell the others to get you away when all of a sudden darren throughs something straight at you. It hits your neck like a bullet. You then faint.
  8. When you wake up. You're in a different room, you try to get up but the pain is just to unbearable. Then Jake walks in and says "after you fainted heath carried you away while the others tried to get him away. They all agreed you'd stay in my room. I'll sleep on the floor so just in case you need anything just ask. Then as he's about to leave you ask him if he can sleep with you. He looks at you, smiles, then nods.
  9. When you go to sleep Jake is next to you asleep like a baby. You hear Blaze and Daniel come in and quickly "fall asleep". "do you think we should tell her?" -Blaze "I don't know. She might get scared and tried to run away... maybe we should wait another three days or so."-daniel "Maybe but she'll have to find out sooner or later. Besides even if she runs away she'll have to deal with the facts."-Blaze Just as their walking out the door you feel a hand garb your foot..... to be continued...
  10. Who are you loving so far?

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Quiz topic: Who will I fall in love with?