80's TV Trivia Quiz

The 1980's. Those were the days! Fast cars - action - drama - hot guys and sexy gals... they had it all. What do you remember about the 80's TV shows?

Take the quiz and see how truly into the 80's you were. Reminisce and enjoy. Remember all the fun times you had living vicariously thru Bo & Luke, the Ewings and even the Smurfs.

Created by: Donna Buckner
  1. BJ & The Bear: What was BJ's last name
  2. Diff'rent Strokes: What was Mr. Drummond's daughter's first name, played by Dana Plato?
  3. Facts of Life: Which character liked to roller skate?
  4. Dukes of Hazzard: What name did Roscoe P. Coltrane's dog go by?
  5. Dukes of Hazzard: Who replaced Bo & Luke in the series?
  6. Simon & Simon: Rick and AJ were what by profession?
  7. ALF: What plant was ALF from?
  8. All in the Family: What did Archie Bunker call his son-in-law, Mike?
  9. Happy Days: What was the name of the restaurant where all the kids hung out?
  10. Brady Bunch: What was the name of Alice's boyfriend, the butcher?
  11. Charlie's Angels: Which was not one of the original Angels?
  12. Magnum PI: What was Magnum's first name?
  13. Three's Company: who was not an original room/housemate in the series?
  14. Facts of Life: What series was FOL a spin-off?
  15. Mork & Mindy: Who starred in this series as Mork?
  16. Growing Pains: What was the family's last name?
  17. Alice: What was Mel's last name?
  18. The Fall Guy: What was name of the character, a Hollywood stuntman, who moonlights as a bounty hunter with his nephew Howard Munson.
  19. Knots Landing: Which Ewing brother did no live in Dallas with the rest of the family?
  20. Full House: how were Danny and Jesse related?

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