are you really ugly or not??

do u think your ugly?? well this quiz will tell you if you are! but don't worry if your not because everyone is beautiful in their own ways! its just a quiz just remember that its whats inside that counts

take this quiz to find out if your ugly or not why not take it its an awesome quiz!! if you want to know what people think of you find out with this quiz in a minutes you will find out

Created by: karlee

  1. do u think your ugly
  2. do u have zits on your face
  3. do u have braces
  4. do u have moles on your face
  5. on a scale of 1 to 10 wat do u thnk u r?
  6. are you fat?
  7. do u like your body
  8. do u have nice hair
  9. do u have alot of friends
  10. final question: do u thnk ur b good lookin wn u gt older

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Quiz topic: Am I really ugly or not??