100% Biased "are u cute?!" quiz

Do u have what it takes to be DROP DEAD GORGEOUS?! Take my quiz n I'll let you know how much of a cutie you are ;))))) Ready? Let's..! OH CRAP HOLD ON I NEED TO SAY SOMETHING ELSE!

This quiz is 100% Honest. If ur ugly, ur ugly. ;( If ur super hot, ur super hot ;P Narcissa's the name, let's run into my foolproof, super accurate quiz!

Created by: Call me Narcissa :)

  1. What's your hair color? :0
  2. What's your eye color? ;0
  3. What's ur weigh (or really what does ur body look like)
  4. Height?
  5. Hobby?
  6. Sexuality?
  7. Single?
  8. Gender again, 100% Cis or..?
  9. You know this is a joke right
  10. No hard feelings, right?
  11. One more question
  12. That was a Sonic quote question, now for any sega characters

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