How Beautiful are you Inside and Out?

How beautiful are you inside and out? Take this quiz to find out! Always remember that personality is much more important than looks! This is my very first quiz, so if you don't enjoy it please forgive me, as I am not very experienced.

I'm sorry if you do not agree with the results, but don't worry! This is just a fun little quiz about how much of a good person and good looking are you. Enjoy your quiz!

Created by: hi1111

  1. Choose one word to describe your hair. ( If you choose choose 3, if will not effect your score)
  2. You see a unpopular kid getting bullied. What do you do?
  3. How attractive do you think you are? (Be honest!)
  4. Choose a word to describe your skin
  5. You see a butterfly with an injured wing. What do you do?
  6. How nice are your eyes?
  7. What do you care more about?
  8. Are you glad that I didn't ask you if you like this quiz? ( Because I think that is personally dumb)
  9. Which result do you think you will get? (Will not effect result)
  10. This is the last question! Your crush is being rude to your best friend. If you join your crush in bullying your friend, you will look cool in front of your crush and he/she will like your back. If you stand up for your friend, your friend will be happy but your crush wouldn't. What do you do? Choose carefully! This will effect your score a lot!

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Quiz topic: How Beautiful am I Inside and Out?