Are you truthfully Beautiful?

Hey,guys!This is a quiz about inner beauty,and also the TRUTH!You will be quized on your inner beauty,your outer beaty,your truthfullness,and you also may be tricked on some beware and DO NOT LIE AT ALL!OK?OK!Enjoy!

THIS QUIZ IS NOT INTENDED FOR THE USE OF MALE.By the way,I forgot to ask...Are YOU truly beautiful?Well,dont ask yourself that,Ask me and then I'll tell you at the end of my quiz,ok?OK!And remember ladies and,be HONEST...

Created by: Noni Ilonna Symoné
  1. So how are you feeling?
  2. Now,you will need to tell the truth,the whole truth,and nothing but the truth....ok?
  3.,tell me about your body.
  4. I see,so do you have freckles?
  5. Oh,well ok.So how often do you put make up,lip stick,etc... on yourself?
  6. Alright,so describe your clothes style.
  7. So,you'd prefer heels or flat shoes?
  8. Okay,well do you get a long with people?
  9. Okay,well do you get a long with people?
  10. So,would you give some money to the poor?
  11. Now,do you love pets?What would you do if you accidently hit a cat?
  12. Do you support The Gay...just wondering.
  13. Do you think your beautiful?Please tell the truth.
  14. I think your a drama queen!
  15. I think your really truthfully beautiful.
  16. So,are we done with the quiz now?
  17. OK,see ya...I'll be waiting with your results shortly...........
  18. Calculating results....,........,.......,......

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Quiz topic: Am I truthfully Beautiful?