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  • Why am i taking this? I had my first kiss yesterday. Guys, its worth the wait. Find someone and somewhere romantic. Mine was sooo romantic. His friends were hounding us and about 50 people showed up to hound us. But we had agreed to do it and so he pulled me away and said ,"You know i love you, right?" And he put his arm around me and we kissed for like 10 seconds. Then hugged for about 30 and kissed for another 10 and casually walked through the shocked crown holding hands. I swear... Don't rush it... Don't force it. It was the most amazing experience of my life... U will enjoy it. No more searching google how to kiss cuz it doesn't help. Your first kiss comes naturally.

  • it said i wasn't ready for my first kiss oh well i don't care.

  • 40%? It says that someone might be willing to kiss me... Might be willing? My boyfriend always tells me he wants to kiss me, and he tries to, but I keep putting it off and shrugging away. I don't know if I'm ready yet.... Anyone have any advice for me?

  • 72% only? it is totally UN COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • awesome,is a 56% soppused to be good or bad.!a nyway why didnt you tell us the sreps on how to.wouldnt that be alot easier

  • it was just seeing how you felt about it. if you feel kissing is nasty, you're not readdy to kiss cause how can you kiss someone if you think kissing others is nasty? my quizes are different than a lot of other peoples, so if it dosn't turn out to be what you thought then you know why.

  • 60%

    you got to be kidding me. This is a pointless quiz. You need to quiz people which steps, which order and how to kiss. not bunch of weird quistions that bearly have to do with this.

  • 72% only? Uh, cool?

  • i got 96% too.

  • lol i got 96%


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